Much more than a machine shop in Montreal.

Our roots are in Montreal, Canada but our ambitions are global.

After all, we can easily ship small precision component parts anywhere in the world. Engineering drawings are engineering drawings. And precise tight tolerance is tight tolerance – in any industry, anywhere on the planet. Especially for those seeking a raw materials sourcing capability at the highest traceable product quality standard.

We know that there are a lot of other industries out there that require precision micro components that could benefit from our precision CNC milling and turning work.

Confidentiality to start.

Security and confidentiality are fundamental elements of the type of work we do. If it is important to you too, then we should talk.

You can trust us to dig deep into the details of your project working hand-in-hand with you to ensure that it gets done right. More importantly, responding exactly to your production deadlines and secure shipping needs.

Meanwhile we'll be establishing a paper trail that ensures that front end, confidentiality and raw material sourcing gets carried through to an efficient, high value production run. With full traceability.

Quality to finish.


Despite the precise nature of our work, we know that engineering is often a fluid process. While our components might work the first time, another's might not. It's only when your product is fully assembled that the true picture comes into focus.

This client/supplier interdependence requires patience and understanding - which we have demonstrated on many occasions as we've gone through product development, prototyping or whatever. Regardless of the circumstance, our view with our clients always remains long term. Which is one reason they keep coming back to Brematech.

Not to mention finished CNC milling and turning components that will knock your socks off.