About Brematech

Manufacturing precision CNC parts right.


Silvano Bressan, President

We are a precision machine shop located in Montreal  for more than 25 years. Over the last 10 years, Silvano Bressan, President, decided to ramp up the production capabilities with significant investment with the latest precision CNC machinery.  As a result, Brematech is a reputable one stop high precision machining facility that can offer a wide range of capabilities.

Yes, We Do Sweat the Small Stuff.

Yes we manufacture small to medium size precision components.

But we also sweat the small stuff.

The drawings that are missing a key axis measurement; the raw materials supplier who doesn't quite get our commitment to your quality; or those final finishing and packaging details. Not to mention the extra hours to get it just right. Because we don't want your part coming back to us.

And neither do you.

What you don't know, we just might.

We really value the buyers who we deal with everyday.

We know you are pressed with budget constraints on one hand and demanding engineering problems on the other.

First and foremost we are here to help you meet your objectives. And we've pretty much seen every CNC precision machining challenge that exists out there. So before you send us a PO or an RFQ, just plain talk to us.

We just might make your job a bit easier - whether we get your contract now or further on down the road.

Because we are here to stay.