Clients & Projects


Our clients are satisfied!

Right now we have regular satisfied clients in military communications equipment, power monitoring instruments and medical devices. They rarely call us back once we ship. They just email us a re-order. Because we got it precisely right the first time. That's precision CNC at its finest.

If this is the type of supplier you'd like to deal with, we'd welcome your call. Particularly if you are working in the aeronautics, transport or electronics industries.

Where we can apply our special Brematech finishing touch.

Send Us Your Drawings First

Before we start talking price, we like to talk quality. And that often shows up in the initial engineering drawings.

Please share them with us as soon as you can. Because we often can and do point out details that should be improved before we get serious about production. At no cost to you.

It's all part of being partners in your success.

We Have Expanded To Serve You Better

Brematech is a family business, founded by the father of the owner. When his mechanical engineer son took over he ramped up the production capabilities with significant investment in the latest precision CNC machinery. As a result, Brematech, has been growing steadily right through the 2008 recession and has expanded to larger premises allowing for smoother production efficiency, tighter inventory management and finished goods quality care.

Why not come for a plant tour of our new machine shop location in Montreal? We promise you an enlightening visit and a great cup of cappuccino.

Please visit our contact page to be put on our invitee list.