Our Capabilities & Equipment

All CNC Turning Components Are Not Created Equal

Let's assume you call us today for a delivery of 300-500 miniscule CNC components. That's a common monthly order quantity with our existing customers. You've supplied us with your engineering drawings and you want a quote – yesterday.

OK that's fair game today. So how would you feel if we told you your engineering drawings needed work? Because we will, if we see the need.

On PO approval, we'd source raw materials on a 100% traceable basis to ensure that only the best raw materials are going into your component.

All good so far? And we'd be talking to you all along the way.

Only then do we produce the components in our high quality, efficient CNC shop. You receive your shipment on time, ready for your production run.

That's Brematech. Better than equal.

A Full Range of Precision CNC Equipment

Every precision CNC turning and milling shop have a full range of equipment. Some, broader than others. But before we get into our specific equipment list (which is substantial), we'd like to talk about our most important in house machine – Quality Control.

When you visit Brematech, we'll show you our spotless, fully-equipped QC lab first. It's crammed with the latest measurement technology including our MITUTOYO CMM/Optical Comparator. This highly precise tool is where your project begins and ends.

You'll find that our finished products are hairline precise and fully documented with raw material traceability. There is no junk in our finished components-guaranteed.

Now let's talk machinery.

We're Delighted With Detail.

We love turning metal. Because we literally grew up working on a single metal lathe crafting raw chunks of metal into something useful and long lasting.

In today's Computer Numeric Control machining world much of that original craftsmanship is controlled and accelerated by computer – with even tighter tolerances - and no excuse for error.

At Brematech, we've stayed on top of the machining industry changes. Our newest DOOSAN machine is a good example. It can accommodate 24 separate cutting tools at one time. That's amazing.

But one thing sure hasn't changed in metalwork. That's attention to details from start to finish. Now more than ever, you need to be absolutely precise at the front end in order to have a perfect production run.

Where we can apply our special Brematech finishing touch.

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